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Geoffrey : Kenzi

Published on December 15, 2023.
Photo of SASH patient Kenzi

Story from Geoffrey : Kenzi

My beautiful English Staffordshire girl, Kenzi started having epileptic seizures early in June 2022. She was 51/2 years old.

The seizures were very confronting for us, but I imagine far worse for Kenzi. She would come out of the event noticeably worse for wear, feeling exhausted and unsteady on her feet.

The seizures continued monthly until November 2022, when cluster events started happening i.e. more than one within a small timeframe generally 15-20 minutes apart.

Our local vets seemed unsure of how to proceed, but recommended medication to try and control the onset of the seizures. Unfortunately, the cluster seizures continued even with medication and the vet in February 2023 recommended an MRI be undertaken.

It was at this point, I decided to conduct a bit of research of my own. Luckily I located SASH and was advised the MRI could be done at half the cost local first vet had outlined and me put in contact with Dr Lydia Poad, from SASH Neurology & Neurosurgery, who conducted the MRI and provided me with guidance on a way forward for Kenzi.

Medication doses was increased, but the cluster seizures continued until late October 2023 when they reached 3 & 4 episodes within each event – some looking to severely take a toll on Kenzi.

This prompted an additional course of medication, to supplement that already being dispensed. This started in late October ’23 and I am pleased to say that as of 15 Dec ’23, Kenzi has been seizure free.

There have been moments that concerned me, with a lot of licking of lips, wandering aimlessly, tiredness and unsteadiness with low energy, but thankfully no seizures. If things continue in this vein, I’m hopeful I’ll have Kenzi for several years more.

With my confidence in the local vet very low, it highlights that SASH have been outstanding and I thank Dr Poad and staff sincerely for their engagement with Kenzi.

Kind Regards

Geoff Burke

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