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Garv : Bella

Published on January 2, 2024.

Story from Garv : Bella

Bella had a small red spot on the end of her nose. It turned out to be cancer. We were recommended by SASH Tuggerah, to go down to Sydney and talk to the specialists about radiation treatment, so Bella wouldn’t lose her nose. When we went there the radiologists actually recommended surgery as the cancer area was quite small and believed most of the nose could be saved. They spoke with Dr Tristram who agreed. When we dropped Bella at SASH Tuggerah, Dr Tristram took her down to Sydney with him. He knew that she was an anxious dog and asked us how she travelled with us. He then took her to Sydney in his car with Bella riding shotgun with her front legs on his centre console. The surgery was successful, with cancer removed, and part of her lip filling the hole. From having a diagnosis of 6 months to live without surgery to now 3 years later. Bella is living the best life, thanks to Dr Tristram and SASH.

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