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Gail : Jax

Published on December 4, 2023.

Story from Gail : Jax

Jax has been with SASH Tuggerah for six months. One Sunday I took a little dying dog to SASH as an emergency visit, he was so sick and I know he wouldn’t have lasted that Sunday without SASH.
The moment we walked in the staff cared for both Jax and I and I felt so safe leaving Jax in intensive care, we went back Monday to speak to oncology and Dr Natalie was an absolute angel, Jax was loved and cared for over the next few days in intensive care until he was well enough for chemotherapy.
Jax loves his visits to SASH so much, he cries with excitement as we get to the car park, every staff member fusses over Jax and he is like their family.
I will be forever grateful for Jax’s care and that I have been given the gift of extra time with my little boy, he is the kindest, sweetest little boy ever.
I’m not sure how long we will have Jax but he is loved and cared for by all the people in his life.
I cannot speak highly enough of every staff member at SASH Tuggerah.

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