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Gabrielle : Henry

Published on December 4, 2023.

Story from Gabrielle : Henry

Our little Cavoodle Henry is a big fan of SASH at Tuggerah!
Henry in 2023 had two emergency trips to see them for eating various things he shouldn’t… The first came on Easter Sunday when Henry used his mountain goat style climbing skills to get up onto the table and scoff down a hot cross bun, he even washed it down with some coffee! My partner Tom and I were concerned and called SASH to see if we should come in so we spent half of Easter Sunday in the waiting room. We were kept up to date through the process and Henry came bounding out when he was good to go as if nothing had ever happened.

6 months later Tom and I come home to find Henry has found a rat sack in the house, Tom got straight in the car and knew the drill! This visit was at 11pm and he was so impressed by how happy and friendly the staff were. Henry has become a bit of a celebrity there as one of the nurses recognised him from last time!

Henry also had his broken leg operated on at SASH in 2022. Tom and I can’t thank the Vets, nurses and all other staff for their help enough. No matter what Henry eats next we will do anything we can to make sure he is okay because he is our baby! Each time we visit SASH we know that he is always in caring and trusted hands 🙌🏼

Thank you so much!

I am pretty sure there was a photo taken of Henry by the staff last time he was in with his ears bandaged together above his head 😂

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