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Frances : Minty

Published on December 28, 2023.

Story from Frances : Minty

Minty is a determined, loving 4 year old Frenchie x dachshund. He’s a real character… he’s loves sitting in the armchair at home, looking like an old man. Minty plays and wrestles with the best of them at the park- he really thinks he’s a big dog at heart! He knows what he likes, and dislikes, he’s been known to pretend he has a sore foot to avoid walking in the rain!

So when he was showing signs of a sore back leg, we rested him and spoilt him with lots of cuddles, blankets and attention. A couple of days later he was trembling and clearly in a lot of pain. I rushed him to SASH Alexandria and was told he likely was suffering from IVDD. He was given pain killers and given strict instructions to rest…. A challenge for a determined boy!

Unfortunately after a couple of days, he wasn’t able to support his weight on his back legs and was unable to walk. I was terrified, Minty is so loved and adored. Seeing him in pain was heart wrenching. We sped back to SASH Alexandria at 5am where we were promptly seen to. Minty was given strong painkillers and I was able to put him in his crate to wait for the surgeon to see him later in the morning. The staff were very caring and kind towards both me and Minty in such an emotional and stressful time.
Later that morning I received a call from Dr Chris Tan. He was patient and kind as he explained his thoughts after examining Minty. Our next step was a CT scan and spinal surgery. Chris was wise and knowledgeable about the treatment required for Minty and when I asked if Minty seemed happy and comfortable (he is pretty nervous around new people). Chris spoke about him as if he was his own dog. He assured me that Minty wasn’t scared and seemed curious about the going ons of the hospital. Knowing that Minty wasn’t terrified going into such an ordeal made a real difference and I am forever grateful for this.

Minty had the surgery that afternoon. Chris called afterwards and twice daily for the next couple of days. He was considerate enough to call at a time that worked with my work hours. With each call, he gave a health update on Minty and an anecdote or comment so show how Minty was coping with everything.

Once Minty started to recover, Chris was concerned that Minty was capable of doing more than he was showing. He suggested that Minty may be a bit stubborn (ha! Is absolutely is!). He suggested I come in and see if that could motivate him. We went in and, sure enough, Minty showed off just what he could do…. Chris had been spot on. During this visit, Chris sat on the floor with me and Minty and spoke with us for quite some time. Pam, Minty’s amazing nurse, also came in and discussed Minty’s care and observations. It was clear from talking with both of them that Minty was in great hands. They were both knowledgeable and clearly cared about Minty.

Minty was allowed home a few days later and Pam was there at his discharge to run me through Minty’s physio. She walked him out to the car and was so gentle and caring with him.

Minty’s recovery has been amazing. Once discharged, I have been able to call on SASH for any questions and Pam, Chris and any other staff there have been more than happy to help. A shout out to the front desk staff too who, on the day of Minty’s operation when stress levels were at an all time high, patiently explained costs and how pet insurance would work in this situation.

SASH Alexandria is truly a special place and I would not hesitate to recommend anyone take their furry (or feathered?!) friend there.

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