Chronic Urinary Bladder Torsion Causing Urinary Incontinence In A Cat

By : Daniel R James, David Collins, Philippa J Johnson and Andrew M Marchevsky

Case Summary

A 10-month-old female spayed domestic shorthair cat was presented for urinary incontinence. The cat was azotaemic, and ultrasound examination identified hydroureter and hydronephrosis. Subsequent computed tomography (CT) contrast pyelography allowed a diagnosis of urinary bladder torsion. Surgical findings and treatment are described. Postoperatively, incontinence and azotaemia resolved, and marked improvements were documented with ultrasound and CT in urinary tract structural abnormalities.

Relevance And Novel Information

To our knowledge, urinary bladder torsion has not been previously reported in the cat. This case most probably occurred as a complication of ovariohysterectomy, as has been reported in the dog; however, the presenting sign of chronic urinary incontinence is unique. Response to surgical correction was favourable

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