Best Practice For Long-Term Control of Atopic Dermatitis

By Dr Linda Vogelnest

What is best practice for long-term control of atopic dermatitis?

The safest treatment plan (often multimodal) effective for each patient & achievable for owners!

Safe options include: allergen-immunotherapy (based on intradermal and/or serum testing), potent topical steroids (twice weekly), cleansing/bathing (to help reduce infection risk), barrier repair (fatty acids, moisturizing after/between baths), antihistamines. Additional low-dose pred (≤0.5mg/kg 1-2 times weekly) can be safe with monitoring.

Higher risk options (known immunosuppressive risks) include: Apoquel, Cyclosporin, pred (>0.5mg/kg twice wkly): these are more reliably effective and easy options (if affordable), but not the safest options for our patients!

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