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Fiona : Ally

Published on January 22, 2024.

Story from Fiona : Ally

I fostered then adopted my beautiful greyhound Ally (Alayah) in December 2022 from GAPS. Two weeks later I got diagnosed with breast cancer. Ally was my dear companion and angel as I went though two surgeries, chemotherapy and radiotherapy during 2023.

In November 2023, whilst visiting in the country, Ally accidentally escaped through a gate and went chasing after some kangaroos and ran through a fence she couldn’t have seen. She had cuts to all her legs which were stitched up by a country vet. Her chest took the brunt of the force and as the bruised tissue died and fell away, a large hole opened up and you could see straight into her insides! The country vet was not able to help her and referred us to SASH Adelaide Surgery, but informed me that euthanasia might be on the cards because the wound was so large. It was a very frightening drive from the country vet to SASH in the city, an hour away.

Dr Andrew Dunn assessed Ally and said she could be fixed!! Ally then received frequent dressings over a two week period before the tissue was viable enough for Dr Ryan Taggart to stitch the hole together and what a fantastic job he did.

Ally is now good as gold and is back to being her beautiful self, a gentle, people and dog loving soul.

I can’t recommend SASH enough for their warm and helpful reception staff, nurses and specialised vets.

Forever grateful,

Fiona and Ally 💜🐾

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