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Erica : Cookie

Published on December 28, 2023.

Story from Erica : Cookie

Our family was able to adopt our cute little fluff ball at the age of 4 months. Not long after, Cookie started to bleed from his nose, and after visiting SASH North Ryde, we got the diagnosis of Cryptococcus. This was an uncommon fungal infection that, when left untreated, will affect other parts of the body, which therefore required a series of lengthy treatments and medications. This disease led to Cookie visiting SASH Internal Medicine 3 times a week for his antifungal treatment for a few hours each time, after again, a few admissions to the hospital. The treatment continued for 5 months, but was not consistent, as the treatment affected his liver and we had to put a pause to it a few times. The process was tiring for not only us, but the pup as well as the SASH staff, but we did not give up thanks to the advice and support that the staff at SASH assured us with, and most importantly because of the bravery and strength that Cookie continued to show despite his state of health.

After Cookie’s discharge in around December 2022, we were given the awareness that Cryptococcus is something that has a high possibility of relapse, which led to us continuing with the medications given. We are aware that the fight for our little pup may not have ended now, and that we may have more drawbacks and complications ahead of us, but we are now confident that the reception, medical staff, and doctors at SASH will help us through the fight, and from the little weak pup that came to us to the energetic and strong pet that we so preciously have as a family with us, we know that our little fluff is strong and determined to stay healthy and happy.

P.S. We will always thank all the reception, medical staff, and vets (a shout-out to Dr Terry Chew) that loved and cared for Cookie with all their hearts! 😊

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