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Ella : Yuki

Published on December 14, 2023.

Story from Ella : Yuki

We noticed that Yuki wasn’t well on the 21st August as she wasn’t eating (which is very unusual for a corgi not to eat), lethargic and was just hiding in her crate. We brought her initially to another hospital and was diagnosed with GI issue/kennel cough and was sent home but her condition got worse and did not improve.  We decided to bring her to SASH as I was always a big fan of Bondi Vets and have watched every single series and knew that she would get the best care possible.  We met Dr Amy Lam and Yuki was diagnosed with Steroid Responsive Meningitis Arteritis in less than 24 hours of being in SASH.  My family was devastated to her the news considering that my grandmother just recently died of Non Hodgkins Lymphoma which was also an auto immune disease however, the assurance, comfort and care that Amy showed and provided to Yuki was exceptional.  We instantly felt that connection with Amy through Yuki and saw that Amy loved Yuki as if it was her own dog.  After 2 days on prednisolone, Yuki was back to her normal self and was on steroid for 4 months.  Finally last 4th December, Yuki had her last dose.

We are very grateful to Dr Amy and the SASH team for looking after our fur baby.  Yuki provided a lot of comfort and emotional support during this difficult period for our whole family.  She brought a lot of smiles and laughter with her very quirky and extroverted personality.

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