Hello there pet lovers. Easter is just about upon us and it marks the last of the indulgent holiday celebrations for a while.  From Christmas, to New Year, Australia Day and Valentine’s Day Easter draws to a close an over-exposure of yummy treats.  While these are periods of celebration and sharing, it’s important to know that sharing with your pets presents a range of painful and life-threatening conditions from everyday foods and treats for humans.  SASH is constantly treating pets that have been given, or sneaked away with, seemingly harmless foods like:

  • Chocolate
  • Grapes and grape derivatives like raisins, sultanas
  • Alcohol

Most humans can’t resist chocolate and it’s the same for most dogs. Surely a little chocolate won’t hurt? Actually it will. Most dogs are VERY sensitive to the chemicals in chocolate. It makes them agitated and jittery; their hearts race dangerously fast, and can even cause seizures. Some dogs need to be anaesthetised to keep them still. Dark chocolate and cooking chocolate are especially toxic.

Grapes, raisins and sultanas are only toxic to some dogs, but there is no way of knowing which ones! Unfortunately, once they have eaten them we have to assume they are going to be toxic, as there is no way of knowing until it is too late. Grapes cause the kidneys to stop working which can be life threatening. At this time of year Hot Cross Buns are likely to feature at home and they can be a source of sultanas and raisins and are a potential source of toxicity for dogs.

Like humans, alcohol consumption by pets can produce unpredictable behaviour. Even a little bit of alcohol can be harmful to your pet. Both beer and wine can cause vomiting and laboured breathing in your pets as well as the potential to cause kidney damage.

If this isn’t news to you, please help others by passing the information on to your family and friends.

If you are concerned about your dog or cat, your local vet is should usually be your first port of call. If your local Vet is not available, SASH has a 24 hour, 7 day emergency service and is open throughout the Easter public holiday period.