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Dominic : Shadow

Published on December 2, 2023.

Story from Dominic : Shadow

Shadow was treated at SASH for acromegaly, a tumour of the pituitary gland.

In 2021 Shadow started becoming very thirsty and was constantly urinating outside his litter box, namely my bed. A blood glucose test at our local vet determined Shadow was diabetic. We began controlling his blood sugar levels with insulin while monitoring his levels. After a while he didn’t seem to get better no matter the insulin dosage we administered.

A further blood test showed massive amounts of the growth hormone IGF-1, an indication of acromegaly. We were referred to SASH North Ryde where further tests and imaging confirmed the condition.

Fortunately SASH offered surgical intervention, a procedure called hypophysectomy which removes the pituitary gland and tumour. This was performed by Dr Patrick Kenny, who not only pioneered the procedure but also the only specialist in the southern hemisphere who can perform it. Along with Dr Amy Lam and other staff members at SASH the surgery was a success! No more pituitary gland, no more tumour!

Although Shadow had some post surgery complications, under the care of SASH he pulled through and is now living his best life. We now come back to see Dr Amy Lam every 6 months for check ups and he’s in great shape. He receives hormone supplement to replace some pituitary gland functions but he’s now diabetes free!

Thank you to Dr Kenny, Dr Lam, and all the amazing nursing, and operational staff at SASH for taking care of my boy. He now has many more birthdays to come!

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