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My Dog has a Tumor

By SASH Vets

Finding a suspected tumor (tumour) on your dog can be a stressful experience. The most important first step is to take your dog to a veterinarian to have it assessed. Not all lumps are tumors, and many lumps can be harmless. Even tumors themselves can have varied outcomes depending on what type of tumor it is.

What is a dog tumor?

A tumor is any abnormal mass of cells that forms when the cells replicate in an abnormal way. There are many types of tumors, with some being harmless (benign), while others can be cancerous (malignant).

The most obvious tumors are the ones you can see and feel on the outside of the body. However, tumors can also be internal.

Dog tumor diagnosis

Diagnosing a dog tumor can be started by your local veterinarian. If your vet has concerns, ask for a referral to see a specialist, who can confirm a diagnosis and determined the exact type of tumor. Depending on the location of the tumor, you may be referred to see a SASH Dermatologist, Internal Medicine Specialist, Surgery Specialist, or Neurologist & Neurosurgeon.

Dog tumor treatment

If a tumor is determined to be harmless, there may be no treatment necessary. This will be discussed with you by your veterinarian after examination. However, if cancer is diagnosed, you will be referred to SASH’s Animal Cancer Centre for treatment.

The Animal Cancer Centre is Australia’s only centre of excellence for the treatment of cancer in dogs. Its multidisciplinary team of Oncology Specialists (cancer experts) can offer a variety of treatment options including surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy, all under one roof in Sydney.

The type of treatment offered will vary depending on the patient and specific type of cancer. For more information about specific tumors and cancers, please refer to any of the following articles:

If you are concerned about any lump or tumor on your dog, take them to see a veterinarian. Timely diagnosis and treatment can dramatically improve the outcome.

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