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Diane : Charlie Perdomo

Published on December 18, 2023.

Story from Diane : Charlie Perdomo

Charlie was given to us just prior to Covid in 2019. We had lost our previous dog Frankie Lola from old age and we were heartbroken.

When Charlie was up for adoption we jumped at the chance. He was diagnosed with Addisons a couple of years later, but our pets are for life and because we love him so much we dealt with the news and took on the task of ensuring he was safe and secure. Due to Addisons Charlie requires medication twice daily, he also has a sensitive stomach. As he is such a good eater I administer his dosages by wrapping the tablets in some cooked mince. If he does not have his medication he spirals into a depressive state and will not eat. On a walk recently he found some food in bushes and guzzled it before I knew what happened. A few hours later he vomited and later that evening he developed diarrhoea. As he completely went off his food I could not give him his medication, so he spiralled into a very depressed state.

During the night I was awoken as he was restless and started to whine. I took him outside and he was not well at all. I took him to SASH Alexandria, and was so glad that the vet who diagnosed Charlie with Addisons, Dr Amanda was on duty that day. He had to stay overnight and be hydrated as well as doing some blood work for his salt levels. What I love about you SASH (Dr Amanda) is that I have complete confidence in your diagnostic capabilities. He was such a sick little boy and my heart was so torn.

The staff at SASH are experienced and always looking at the best solution for our pet. I have recommended SASH to many of my friends because I believe in the vets. Thank you so much. Charlie is back to his cheeky & mischievous ways, that’s why we love him!

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