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Di : Chester

Published on December 29, 2023.

Story from Di : Chester

In his 14 and a half years my boofy black labby, Chester, has more than lived up to his IG handle @chesterthewonderlab. After a car accident and hip replacement at 7 months, then losing his loved Papa at 3 years, he has used his superpowers to help his Mumma (me) settle into an amazing new neighbourhood where he makes folk smile with his goofy face just by walking down the street.

Chester’s spent his entire life looking after me, most recently through my cancer chemo, so when he had his own cancer diagnosis and I wanted the best of care for my precious old boy, I had no hesitation in choosing SASH North Ryde‘s Cancer Centre for his melanoma immunotherapy. He’s also undergoing continuing surveillance of a lesion near his lung, and we’re working together with Dr Veronika Langova to keep him as pain-free as possible and give him more days to spread his doggy happiness in our neighbourhood.

I know the amazing SASH treatment is working by the way he skips up the ramp for our visits and can’t wait to see Dr Veronika!

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