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Corina : Kobe

Published on December 1, 2023.

Story from Corina : Kobe

Kobe had two TPLO surgeries over a period of 2 years both was performed by the experienced Dr Marchevsky.
As an owner I was very anxious and worried however Dr Marchevsky was assuring that the surgery would fix the limping which it did and on the day of going home Kobe was actually putting weight on his operated leg. Remarkable result and the second time was a quicker recovery as Kobe walked out of Sash on his own. Without Dr Marchevsky’s expertise in the field of surgery I’m sure Kobe won’t be able to walk out on his own and around the home on day two post surgery. Very pleased with the results by Sash teams of doctors and nurses. The care they provided 24/7 post surgery really helped Kobe in his speedy recovery and made him feel at home.

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