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Cicely : Fitzy

Published on January 2, 2024.

Story from Cicely : Fitzy

Fitzy is my gorgeous 11 year old greyhound. Back in August he had a dental and tooth extraction, we followed the usual post-extraction advice and then went back to normal diet.

Beginning of September he was chewing on a dehydrated treat when suddenly he yelped! I thought he had irritated/reopened the extraction hole but he wouldn’t let me have a look so I took him to our usual vet. He was too cranky to even let the vet look so they kept him overnight and sedated him the next day so they could get x-rays. Turns out he broke his jaw! I had to leave work early to pick him up and take him down to SASH, Fitz was totally off his chops on the good pain killers and happily napped while waiting for the vet.

They admitted him for surgery and a few days later I was able to pick him up with a shiny new plate in his jaw. Poor boy was too stressed to eat in hospital but the staff were so lovely and they said he was an absolute joy to look after, one of the nurses even drew me a gorgeous pic on his discharge bag! Fitzy really is the sweetest gentlest boy, it’s really not hard to fall in love with him. He’s healed so well now and is back to using his jaw normally. You can’t even see the scar!

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