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Cicely : Fitzy

Published on January 15, 2024.

Story from Cicely : Fitzy

My gorgeous 11 year old greyhound Fitzy recently visited SASH due to a freak accident that broke his jaw.

Fitzy had recently had a dental and extraction done at our local vet, I followed the standard post-extraction procedure and then returned to giving him his favourite dehydrated treats. Unfortunately the hole in his jaw where the tooth had been hadn’t completely healed over like we expected it to and poor old Fitzy gave a heck of a yelp.

I took him down to my regular vet but he was so cranky due to the pain that he couldn’t be examined and they had to keep him overnight for x-rays the next day. I got the call while at work that he’d fractured his jaw and that I needed to get him to SASH ASAP so I had to leave work early and pick up poor old Fitzy.

We drove down to SASH after a quick chat with my vet, Fitzy was on the good stuff so he pretty much napped while waiting for the vet. We saw the emergency vet, they admitted him for surgery to get a plate in his jaw and he was in the hospital for several days. They were planning on keeping him until he ate something but he was really not happy being at the vet so they asked me to come and get him because they thought he’d be more likely to eat something at home.

The staff there said he was just so lovely to look after and one of the nurses even drew me a gorgeous picture on his discharge bag. Everyone was so lovely and helpful at SASH which really did make the whole situation a bit easier.

He’s completely healed now and you can’t even see the scar! I am so grateful to the incredible team at SASH for their wonderful care of my sweet boy.

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