SASH offers a comprehensive specialist imaging service, supporting all of the SASH teams. The Radiology service is run by specialist-trained registrar, Dr. Kathleen Chow and radiographer Susan Proctor who has over 15 years experience as a human MRI radiographer.

In order to obtain the highest quality images and diagnostic scans, SASH uses state of the art equipment with digital radiography, three Philips ultrasound units, a 6-slice CT and a new 1.5 tesla MRI scanner. This scanner boasts a high-field magnet that is equal in power to those found in human hospitals, giving exquisite resolution and diagnostic potential for our patients. While MRI is predominantly used to image brain and spinal cord lesions, some cases exhibiting musculoskeletal disease including shoulders, elbows, hocks and stifles also can benefit from diagnostic scans.

Scans are mainly interpreted in-house by specialist-trained Dr. Kathleen Chow, who is also supported by a tele-radiology team based in the UK, providing a rapid service, with a report on scans delivered within 12-24 hours.

Ultrasound is predominantly abdomen and thoracic but also some musculoskeletal conditions. In addition to these more common types of imaging modalities, Kathleen and Susan have also used diffusion tensor imaging which enables them to look at the neuronal pathways in the spinal cord including the axons in bundles, which gives a super-high resolution image of the structure of individual nerve bundles. SASH has also just launched a new, external MRI service to veterinary specialists wishing to offer these world-class imaging modalities to their own patients.

The overarching aim of the imaging service at SASH is to obtain high quality, diagnostic images, while maintaining the highest quality of care and comfort for our patients.