At SASH, many of our patients requiring an anaesthetic have complicated medical issues, cardiac disease and/or are geriatric. While these patients in particular require specialist anaesthetic care, every patient requiring an anaesthetic at SASH is supported by the anaesthetic team who undergo focused, in-depth training by Dr. Colin Dunlop, who has over 20 years experience as a specialist anaesthetist.

The anaesthetic team provide care and advice for every patient in hospital where indicated and are passionate about ensuring each of these patients is provided with the most appropriate pain management. Anaesthetic and pain management plans are designed individually for each patient, sympathetic to their unique disease state and procedure.

To ensure the best level of care for all our patients, including those requiring ventilation for tick paralysis, complicated oncological resections, ophthalmology procedures and cardiac surgery, the anaesthetic team works closely with each of the specialist services, veterinarian and nurses at SASH to ensure procedures can be carried out smoothly, comfortably and in a timely fashion.

All of our anaesthetised patients are closely monitored by state of the art anaesthetic equipment and dedicated nurses are trained and highly skilled in identifying changes in the state of the patient during their procedure, and know how to respond appropriately, to help prevent anaesthetic complications.

Colin is also involved in research looking at improving the systems and equipment used to deliver anaesthetics to small animals and digital technology that will help monitor and identify potential problems during an anaesthetic.