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Life in Western Sydney

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Life in Western Sydney

Western Sydney is known as a hub and focal point to access the rest of what Sydney has to offer. Within hours you can be seeing a whole new side of Sydney. 

You can find yourself exploring:

  • Famous Blue Mountains
  • The Eastern Creek Race Course
  • Authentic Australia culture and lifestyle
  • Sydney Zoo 
  • The exotic animals of Australia 
  • Only 40 minutes away from Sydney CBD


Life in Western Sydney is for those who being close to the CBD, but love to experience the natural gifts Australia has to offer, on the daily.

If you would like to know more about relocating to Western Sydney, please get in touch. 

Front of SASH Western Sydney

SASH Prospect was established in late 2022. Our core motivation is to continue to provide better access to specialist veterinary services across Sydney for all of our clients, patients and local clinics. 

SASH Western Sydney

Australia: The Place To Be

Australia ranks number 12 in the 2022 World Happiness Report, 4 places above the USA. Although Australia and the USA share many similarities, making it easy for Americans to assimilate, residents of Australia enjoy several additional benefits:

  • Safety and security for you and your children
  • World-class universal healthcare
  • High quality public, and affordable private education
  • A tolerant, accepting, and multicultural society

The Australian landscape and ecosystem is unique. The aged and geographically isolated continent is home to many unique natural wonders, wildlife, and tourist attractions.

Whether you prefer a bustling metropolis, a suburban life, or even a quiet country setting, Australia has all those on offer.

blue mountains

10 minute walking distance to cafes, gym and restaurants

10-minute drive from major shopping centre, Parramatta Westfield and Parramatta CBD

20-minutes away from scenic Australian icons

10-minutes from Sydney Zoo and exotic wildlife

Various adventure-sports activities and outdoor experiences

Eco-friendly and clean fuel-regulated area