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Trainee Nurses & Animal Attendants

Trainee Nurses and Animal Attendants play an integral role in caring for patients under the supervision of our excellent nursing team.

Trainee nurses are enthusiastic team members who have, or are on their way, to becoming qualified nurses, and are working towards qualifying for a nursing position at SASH through our training programs.

There are four levels of trainee nurse depending on your qualification, training, skills and experience and you are given responsibility accordingly.

The trainee nurses are there to make pet as comfortable as possible during their stay at SASH.

At SASH we have a dedicated Trainee Nurse Team Leader and Nurse Education team to support all Trainee Nurses develop their skills. 

This program is suitable for those looking to apply their academic knowledge.

Hospital Attendants

SASH Trainee Nurse & Animal Attendant Benefits

No volunteering required - this is a permanent paid position

Extensive opportunities for career growth between speciality departments and leadership positions

Supportive team and leadership to enable you to succeed

Highly competitive, gender-inclusive, paid parental leave to all SASH parents including IVF and IUI leave

A program built to compliment your Certificate 4 in Vet Nursing

Purpose driven organisation that is leading the Veterinary industry through innovation


Upon entering SASH, there is no expectation to know everything. However, if you enjoy learning and on-going skills development, SASH has the structure and support to help develop you to your highest potential. We are on the look-out who:

  • Are currently enrolled or completing your Certificate IV (or equivalent) 
  • Will uphold our values of care, integrity, team work and excellence in all parts of your life
  • Have a positive attitude to work and passionate about Veterinary Nursing

There's nothing like SASH

SASH is a vet-led organisation, operated by all of its founding veterinarian partners. Each of SASH’s founding partners are practising veterinarians, and are respected members of the veterinary community.

With the owners of the hospitals walking the corridors in scrubs, each and everyday, they have a deep and thorough understanding of what makes a good hospital, how to provide gold standard patient care, and how pet owners feel. These unique insights help to guide decisions are that in the best interest of their patients and their team.

Having been veterinarians for decades, SASH management understands and appreciate the importance of Trainee Nurses and Animal Attendants.