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Nurses & Trainee Nurses

At SASH, our experienced and dedicated nursing team provides outstanding care to your sick pet. With formal veterinary nursing qualifications, they provide this care often in highly specialised areas.

We have nurses in all the different departments of the hospital and all have different areas of expertise – from treating your pet in the wards and supporting your pet through the specialised procedures and surgeries to working in the emergency department and caring for your pet throughout the night.

Our nurses are focused on caring for pets and making sure they – and you – feel welcome at SASH.

If you are interested in applying for a nursing position at SASH, please forward your application to

Trainee Nurses

Trainee nurses play an integral role in caring for patients under the supervision of our excellent nursing team.

Trainee nurses are enthusiastic team members who have, or are on their way, to becoming qualified nurses, and are working towards qualifying for a nursing position at SASH through our training programs.

There are four levels of trainee nurse depending on their qualification, training, skills and experience and they are given responsibility accordingly.

The trainee nurses are there to make your pet as comfortable as possible during their stay at SASH.

If you are interested in applying for a trainee nurse position at SASH, please forward your application to

Hear from some of our Nurses

“I started the TN programme on a part time basis and studied online to complete my Cert IV in Veterinary Nursing and I have thoroughly enjoyed every minute.

We rotate through departments which really gives you a feel into where you may want to progress in your career. You learn how the different departments work together and separately. This gives you a feel into how the hospital works and runs on a day to day (or night to night) basis.

I have found all the team to be extremely welcoming and helpful. Everyone has always has time to teach and explain how to do certain procedures and tasks. You are encouraged to get involved in tasks and procedures, however only with what you feel comfortable and confident doing.

You are given a TN folder with tasks to complete through the different departments and there is lots of one-on-one and group training sessions to go through your strengths and possible weaknesses where you would like to progress/ learn more and it’s very accommodating into your needs.

I’d highly recommend this programme to anyone that would like an incredible opportunity / steppingstone into the wonderful world of veterinary practice.”

- Molly

SASH Molly
SASH Nikki

“My name is Niki and I had wanted to work as a Vet Nurse my entire life. As soon as I left school, I enrolled myself into my Animal Studies Certificate 2 and worked a few years in boarding facilities and did a few months in a general practise as an animal attendant before completing my certificate 4 in vet nursing and applying for a Traineeship at SASH.

I had watched SASH on Bondi Vet’s TV program when I was younger and it was always a long term goal to eventually work for SASH. I still remember the day they called me to confirm I would start in 2 weeks. I was in my kitchen and had to sit down. I was anxious and excited; questioning if this was going to be the best experience for me. Because all I ever wanted was to be the best vet nurse I could be.

I have never been in such a warm and inviting work environment. So many people from vets, nurses, client services and HR all were happy to assist me with any questions I had for assignments, which I am forever grateful for.

Being a trainee nurse was the best thing I have ever done for my education. I have no regrets and would recommend it to anyone wanting the best start to their vet nursing career or anyone wanting to work in a specialist practise. It was extremely rewarding to rotate through ECC, IPC Overnights, Surgery, Medicine, Avian and Exotics, Oncology and Radiation. I have learnt so much more during my time at SASH and still am learning something new everyday. With lots of hard work, I am now a very knowledgeable and a confident theatre nurse. I don’t see myself ever working for another practise! If you’re doing something you love, you will never have to work a day in your life. “

- Niki