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Brooke : Sawyer

Published on December 7, 2023.

Story from Brooke : Sawyer

So it all started off with Sawyer having lumps on this bottom. We went to our local vet numerous times and they were stunned so we were referred to SASH. When we got there, even the specialist was a bit stunned. Sawyer had this lump near his bottom that was oozing and had broken open a few holes. The blood tests kept coming back that he had a staph infection for this unknown cause. Swabs, samples, bloods etc were done and we were sent away with quotes for a surgical procedure to explore the wound. The other option was to wait it out and see what happens. As we were tight financially as Sawyer had been through a rough year having meningitis and now this, we chose to wait it out and see what happens. Every night I had been flushing the wound and wiping it to help it heal, until about 2-3 weeks later, this object came out, (a drain from his previous surgery, not done by sash). We finally had an answer!! We were so relieved, as we had to start thinking of how the infection is making him feel and how it is progressing, to come to a conclusion to what is best for him. We kept saying no there has to be another way, until about the week later we had the answer! So much relief. If it wasn’t for Dr Peter Hill, we would have been going in circles and would have wasted our money on surgery that we couldnt afford. Dr Peter Hill was very patient with not only Sawyer but with us too, as we just wanted answers, can’t thank him enough!! Sawyer is now a healthy happy pup! Forever grateful!!
Sawyer is just an old man in his past life, we swear, he just has the best personality!

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