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Brittany : Kobe

Published on December 7, 2023.

Story from Brittany : Kobe

Kobe is no stranger to the wonderful employees at SASH, especially North Ryde, Kobe of course had some visits as a baby to emergency when he stole a block of blue cheese and ate some funky things he shouldn’t have, but his first extended visits began in 2022 with Kobe being diagnosed with Hip Dysplasia at 1 and a half after we noticed a slight hop in his steps, he did his sessions in hydrotherapy and while it took a team to get him up the lift and into the pool, he still loved visiting SASH with a big smile on his face, unfortunately a few months later I noticed a lump on his throat and had it removed and it came back as lymphoma at almost 2 years old, we were heartbroken, but would do anything and everything for him. Kobe started his treatments a month later in oncology with Dr Nick, his favourite Dr of all time and went through 4 rounds of chemotherapy, i can tell you 100% he absolutely loves  being at SASH despite everything this angel has been through, and i can also say with complete certainty everyone at North Ryde should know Kobe by name and smile by now! Kobes next checkup for his lymphoma is in February and i can’t believe how much he has been through in his first two years of life, he is 3 in January 24 and living his best life. Thanks for everything you’ve done to help him over the past few years, he should probably be your mascot by now 😎 with love, Britt and Kobe.

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