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Brianna : Sonny

Published on December 13, 2023.

Story from Brianna : Sonny

All of a sudden our four year old Rottweiler, Sonny, was unable to walk.

We rushed him to the vet and scans showed he had a herniated disk pressing on his spinal cord causing him to be paralysed by the time we arrived.
(Six disks were impacted and it seemed to be a record for the team at SASH).

There was haemorrhaging all the way down his spine and he was rushed into a mammoth spinal surgery.

How lucky it was that we called our local vet who referred us to the specialist vet SASH and we ended up in the exact place we needed to be. We can’t thank the team at SASH enough! (Especially the neurosurgeon Dillon)

We continued to attend SASH for follow up appointments with Dillon and physiotherapy.
We’re now on the other side and Sonny is able to walk and has full mobility restored to his hind legs. We were so impressed with his recovery and the level of guidance and care by the team at SASH.
Makes me emotional talking about it again.

Thanks for having my back,

Love Sonny + his parents Brianna and Nick.


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