Is your dog a SASH canine blood donor hero?

Over the years many of our own dogs and our clients dogs have helped save the lives of many other dogs and we are incredibly grateful for all the help. Your dog may be able to be a canine blood donor hero too.

Blood-Donor-1All potential donors are checked by one of our vets each time they come in, and receive initial blood tests to ensure they are in prime condition. Donors are then laid down on their side on a comfy bed with nurses talking to and cuddling them. At the same time the blood donation nurse will clip some hair under their neck, apply some local anaesthetic and aseptically prepare the area prior to donation. All the blood collected at SASH is used in house on patients suffering from traumas such as being hit by a car to common medical diseases like anaemia.  Like all hospitals, there’s always a need for blood transfusions.

All dogs receive a yummy high energy meal and water straight after their donation and a complimentary bag of premium dry dog food to take home as a thank you. As well as lots and lots of TLC from the SASH team throughout their stay.

We are calling for doggy donors that could help save more of our furry friends, especially over the busy Festive Season. Dogs can donate from 1-8 years old (dependent on breed and size) but they must weigh more than 15kg and be of a calm temperament due the nature of the procedure. They can’t have ever received a blood transfusion before, be healthy and up to date with all vaccinations, and be on a current heartworm preventative protection.

If you would like your dog to be a hero too, please register your interest by completing our register form or by calling SASH directly on 02 9889 0289. We would love to hear from you!

Check out this article on the SASH canine blood bank and our hero canine blood donors.

Oh, and by the way, the Australian Red Cross Blood Service needs a blood donation every 8 seconds to meet the ongoing blood needs of Australian patients. Visit to make an appointment.