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Bec : Miley

Published on December 14, 2023.

Story from Bec : Miley

Miley is a 14 year old American Staffy, she was diagnosed with bladder cancer in May of 2022.

After suffering from a twisted stomach which required her to be resuscitated followed by a surgery at AREC in Newcastle she then took a bit of a turn and had to have a second surgery at SASH Tuggerah. While they were completing the second surgery a biopsy of Miley’s bladder was taken due to her recurrent urinary tract infections which were currently already being investigated by SASH. Once she pulled through the surgery from the stomach twist – I think it was about 10 days all up in hospital we started to look at the cancer treatment process.

Unfortunately Miley’s cancer was inoperable and we had the options of wait and see, a combination or radio therapy and chemotherapy or just chemotherapy on its own. We decided to go with the chemotherapy infusions at SASH Tuggerah. Miley had very minimal side effects. She was sometimes sick after eating but that was about it. The Oncologists and Nurses at SASH have all been so good to Miley. While she is there she is treated as if she is one of their own pets and I couldn’t ask for anything more.

Miley has now surpassed the average life expectancy for her type of cancer and is still going along strong. We have had to stop the chemotherapy for now due to her kidney disease, but in the last 17 months Miley’s cancer hasn’t spread and she is doing really well for an old girl who had a really rough few months last year!

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