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Aysha : Coco

Published on January 31, 2024.

Story from Aysha : Coco

Coco presented at home very lethargic and wanted to sit and lay away from everyone which was out of character for her.

we took Coco to our local vet who performed an X-Ray and it showed Coco had swallowed a foreign object and they recommended us to go to SASH.

We travelled early at 4am the next morning to get Coco to SASH. The staff were so lovely and did everything possible that meant Coco did not have to have surgery. They were able to remove the foreign object (which ended up being a rock!) by an endoscopy which was amazing. Although, they still advised of the possible risks due to Coco being a pug and monitoring her breathing etc.

While Coco stayed overnight, they sent me a pictures and updates regularly. I felt Coco was in safe hands and was loved and cared for. SASH saved Coco’s life, without their knowledge and skills and education, Coco would not have survived.

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