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Avian & Exotics

We cater to our friends with scales, shells, feathers and more!

At SASH we cater not just to our furry friends, but those with feathers, scales, shells and more.

Many people are looking for alternative companions to dogs and cats. As unusual pet ownership rapidly increases, so too does the need for veterinary departments that specialise in these animals. SASH is one of a small number in Australia dedicated to their care.

The significance of SASH’s Avian & Exotics Department is that is also works in tandem with the other areas of the hospital. So on one hand, your pet is getting the specialised attention it needs, but also the support and expertise of departments including Emergency, Surgery, Dermatology, Internal Medicine and Ophthalmology.

With a dedicated Avian & Exotics Department open at SASH, our vets give specialist attention to:

Reptiles (Lizards, Snakes, Turtles) and Amphibians (Frogs, Axolotls)
Rabbits and Guinea Pigs
Rats and Mice
Native Wildlife

No referral is required although if your pet is currently in the care of another veterinarian, we encourage you to discuss the option for referral with them prior to consultation at SASH.

The SASH Avian & Exotics Department is open 8am–6pm, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, and is staffed by Melinda Cowan, Janet Truong and Olivia Clarke.

For further information, please check out our avian and exotics brochure here.

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