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Dog Lovers

SASH is proud to again be a major sponsor and exhibitor at the Dog Lovers Show Sydney. This exciting event is on August 4th and 5th and is at the Royal Hall of Industries & The Horden Pavilion. The Sydney Dog Lovers Show is a great day out for the whole family with lots of… Read more »

Bugs and Drugs, by Amy Lam

The following documents may be of use for treatment of animal antimicrobial issues. Marks_et_al-2011-Journal_of_Veterinary_Internal_Medicine Weese_et_al-2015-Journal_of_Veterinary_Internal_Medicine Lappin_et_al-2017-Journal_of_Veterinary_Internal_Medicine Urinary-guidelines


Physiotherapy helps pets to recover normal movement and avoid the compensatory changes that may lead to re-injury or chronic issues later in life. Although pets often return to play and other normal activities after injury, they may still have stiff joints stiffness or muscles that are tight or not being activated appropriately. These issues prevent… Read more »

New radiation oncology facility for cancer patients

SASH Sydney has installed the first linear accelerator with stereotactic capability, specifically for pets in Australia. This is consistent with our aim to offer advanced and outstanding oncology care to all veterinary patients. No longer will pets have to travel long distances under the cloak of secrecy or in the darkness of night, to private… Read more »

your reptile

A wide range of reptiles can be kept as pets. A licence is required and it is important to ensure that your pet has been bred in captivity. Every species will have different requirements and it is recommended to research and understand these needs before obtaining any reptile as a pet. Housing your pet All… Read more »