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Safety tips for pets during fireworks displays

We may love the beautiful array of colours, flashes and fun from fireworks displays however pets don’t! New Year’s Eve fireworks are anything but fun for both cats and dogs as the loud noises can cause serious anxiety and stress for your beloved fur babies. Take extra precaution this New Year’s Eve by following these… Read more »

Keep your pets safe this Festive Season

Hello there pet lovers! The festive seasons are just about upon us and this is usually a time for over-exposure of potentially dangerous hazards for our beloved pets. While these are periods of celebration and sharing, it’s important to remember that sharing certain treats and other festive items with your pets presents a range of… Read more »

Keep Active
With Your

Exercising with your dog is highly beneficial for both of you. It strengthens the bond between you and your best friend, as well as helping you both to stay fit and healthy. SASH recently contributed some advice to a blog article about the best ways to exercise with your dog during all seasons for Advantage… Read more »

Bugs and Drugs, by Amy Lam

The following documents may be of use for treatment of animal antimicrobial issues. Marks_et_al-2011-Journal_of_Veterinary_Internal_Medicine Weese_et_al-2015-Journal_of_Veterinary_Internal_Medicine Lappin_et_al-2017-Journal_of_Veterinary_Internal_Medicine Urinary-guidelines


Physiotherapy helps pets to recover normal movement and avoid the compensatory changes that may lead to re-injury or chronic issues later in life. Although pets often return to play and other normal activities after injury, they may still have stiff joints stiffness or muscles that are tight or not being activated appropriately. These issues prevent… Read more »