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Ashlee : Hank

Published on December 18, 2023.

Story from Ashlee : Hank

On 14th of September 2023 our beautiful boy Hank, 5 year old dachshund woke up paralysed. I knew exactly what was happening, I call SASH and they got me quickly.  Head straight down to SASH Tuggerah, 1.5 hour drive. Dr Ingrid Trommelmans started off with assessing Hank before getting a scan done.

Dr Ingrid then called me to confirm hank has 2 ruptured disk on the left side of his spine and diagnosed Hank with stage 4 IVDD. From there Hank went straight into surgery with Dr Ingrid and her team. Hank then staying in hospital for 4 nights before coming home. We picked Hank up early in the morning with Dr Deneille Logan doing our discharge and explaining everything very Cleary. We got sent home with our exercises to do over the next week before going back for our revisit. Dr Ingrid and Dr Deneille were both in the revisit consult and couldn’t believe how well he was doing.

4 weeks of our at home exercises we then had our first Hydrotherapy with Dr Sarah Harvey. We went every week for 5 weeks, we had seen so much improvement over the 5 weeks + doing our at home exercises 3 times daily. Hank was on strick creat rest for 3 months besides doing his exercises and toileting. We were so happy with the service and comfort we got from the receptionists, nurses and Doctors.  Thank you so much SASH Tuggerah.

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