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Annette : Edward

Published on December 15, 2023.

Story from Annette : Edward

In March this year our beautiful, wonderful 10 year old West Highland Terrier Eddie (Edward) ruptured his ACL.

We went to our own vet for confirmation and they referred us to Sash, Adelaide.

He was able to be seen quite promptly by Dr Ryan Taggart.  Dr Taggart’s whole focus was on Eddie.

He was thorough in his examination and explained to us what needed to be done.  Within a couple of days Eddie went into surgery, He had the ACL repaired using a metal plate and numerous screws, Dr Taggart also repositioned his kneecap so it would not slip out again.

The care that was given to Eddie at Sash was wonderful.  Eddie underwent 3 months of rehab, this included physio and both us and Eddie adhering to all the instructions given.  The operation was a great success.  We thank Dr Taggart and the team at Sash Adelaide for their professionalism and care.

From beginning to finish we were aware of what to expect, the whole process was great.

Eddie recovered well and shows no sign of his operation.  However in September this year, we noticed that Eddie didn’t seem well, we took him to our own Vet at The Parade Norwood, Eddie underwent a full blood screen and this showed he had elevated levels in his liver, a subsequent Ultrasound showed that Eddie had Liver Cancer, it is advanced and shows that the type he has is inoperable .  With consultation with our Vet we knew that Chemo was not going to be of any benefit to Eddie.  This diagnosis devastated us, he is far too young to leave this world.

Eddie , our brave, non complaining little man is at home with us.  He is only 10 years old and has battled with skin issues his entire life.  We do what ever we can during Eddies life to make sure he is as comfortable as he can be.  This mighty little boy has handled all his issues bravely and because of this he has gained the admiration of all that meet him.

Yes he is a Westie, can be stubborn and aloof at times, but he is the most wonderful little man. We love him unconditionally and hope what time he has left is full of love and pain free. We are privileged to have such a wonderful companion.

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