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Anita : Schnitzel

Published on December 7, 2023.

Story from Anita : Schnitzel

Schnitzel was born on 12 May 2013. We brought him home as a four month old puppy and he settled in right away. When our son Zac was born in 2015, they became very good friends, especially after Zac began eating solid food! Schnitzel’s favourite food is carrot, tinned tuna and the (occasional) liver treat.
Fast forward to September 4, 2023. He was at our local vet for a dental cleaning when the surgeon discovered a lump in his left lower jaw. Four days later, I learned a new word; hemangiosarcoma. After a CT scan and examination at SASH, my husband and I agreed to go ahead with Schnitzel having the lump removed. In October, Schnitzel commenced metronomic chemotherapy. His blood results have been excellent so far (paws crossed!) and we’re currently waiting on the histopathology results of a red raised lesion discovered during examination today. Schnitzel is still doing all his normal activities, including chasing next door’s cat!

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