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Amy : Pickles

Published on January 22, 2024.

Story from Amy : Pickles

My sweet little Pickle is the cheekiest bunny who will binkie around the house for banana! That’s why I instantly knew when he refused even banana that something wasn’t right with our Pickle boy. He was sitting in odd positions and in odd places. His tummy was bloated and getting tender and we just knew he wasn’t himself.

We rushed him late at night to SASH Adelaide where a bunch of angels on Earth (big thanks to Dr Jing) saved our little guy. He had a large obstruction from giving his sibling, Parsnip, too many kisses and groomed too much fur.

They saved his life. He spent the night with an amazing team and I will forever be grateful for the love and care, quick and precise diagnosis and treatment. They explained everything in great detail so we could make the best informed decisions.

I highly recommend SASH and I am forever grateful to celebrate Pickle & Parsnip’s 4th birthday soon!

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