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Amber : Harvey

Published on December 12, 2023.

Story from Amber : Harvey

Harvey had always been a healthy boy.

Recently turning 4, I never had any suspicious or worried about his general health. He is the sweetest boy, lapping attention up constantly and smooching on everyone he sees.

On December 6, I noticed he was breathing heavily and fast – his abdomen contracting with every breath. Worried, I quickly booked him into my local vet for a general checkup, to rule any possible bad things out. He was sedated for a chest X-ray, and things just so suddenly took a turn for the worst. He dropped to his side, panting, and crackling with every breath. This was so awful, considering he had been fine hours before; eating and playing with his brother.

We then rushed him to SASH, where he was immediately taken off us and placed into their care. The team acted quickly, placing him into an oxygen tank.

Harvey was effectively diagnosed with being in active congestive heart failure. His heart was abnormal – the walls thickening and causing fluid to fill his lungs. No

He stayed for two nights in their care, and was given oxygen, IV medication to reduce the fluid build up, X-rays and tests to test his heart inflammation levels. They called me daily and provided updates on his condition, allowing me and my partner to visit him in the ICU. I felt incredibly comfortable leaving him in their hands, as the care and support of the team was apparent. The team constantly spoke about how much of a smoochy boy he was, and how he aggressively head butted everyone, which seemed to calm him down. I was heartbroken, my sweet boy was given prognosis of living another 6-12 months.

On the third day, we were able to pick Harvey up and bring him home. They provided us with detailed care plan of his to manage his condition, medications he will need and emphasized to call them if we were ever worried or had questions.

He has since returned to his sweet self.

I will appreciate every moment I have with him, and spoil him like a king

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