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Amanda : Squig

Published on January 2, 2024.

Story from Amanda : Squig

Squig has been a patient of SASH for about 10 years.

Squig first came to SASH to see neurologist Georgina Child when she was not even 1 years old after multiple vets recommended euthanasia as the best treatment for Squig who had started having seizures which required vetinary intervention to stop.

Squig was diagnosed with refractory ideopathic epilepsy and Georgina very quickly put together an effective treatment plan.

Whilst SASH was a long way from our home, Squig was a regular at SASH seeing Georgina at least once a year for review of her epilepsy treatment. But Squig clearly wanted more SASH! She was a very cheeky girl and got herself into all sorts of trouble!

I went away without Squig for the first time when she was around 5. Squig broke her leg! I was an airplane ride away and the only place I trusted to care for Squig when I wasn’t there was SASH. Fortunately my pet sitter was happy to take Squig all the way into North Ryde.

A few years later Squig decided to eat a chew toy which got stuck in her intestines and required surgery! Straight to SASH we went.

Unfortunately Squig would visit SASH for the last time in 2023. Squig became very sick and we knew we had to take her straight to SASH. Squig was diagnosed with a very aggressive and severe tumor on her liver. Despite surgery and blood transfusions (huge thank you to all the amazing blood donors!!!!) Squiggy unfortunately would not make it home.

Squig’s last days were filled with love and care from the amazingly dedicated team at SASH. Her neurologist even came to visit her in the ICU.

We were allowed to visit Squig whenever we wanted in her last few days and even bring in her little brother to see her.

We will forever be grateful for the 11 years of loving Squig that SASH and Georgina Child gave us.

As heartbroken as we were losing Squig, we were comforted by the support of the SASH team who were with us through the many hard times being there with us at the end as well.

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