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Alison : Sophie

Published on January 31, 2024.

Story from Alison : Sophie

Sophie was not herself for the 4 previous days had spent the day with our local vet having bloods and examinations. She did not improve and by the Friday I arrived home to her very distressed and paralysed in her rear legs. We went to our local vet who was aware I had pet insurance and with tears in his eyes referred us to SASH at North Ryde. Within a half an hour Sophie had an examination and determined she likely had a spinal disc injury and luckily had some sensation in her rear legs.

She was rushed into the hospital for scans and emergency surgery. Sophie spent a week at SASH she became quite withdrawn but it was decided it was time for her to be discharged home into mine and her sisters Lily’s care. I set up an enclosed area for her to commence rehab at home. With annual leave approved the rehab began and we managed to milk her bladder, keep her pain in good control and a she began to walk very ataxic but she was walking 3 weeks after her surgery. We returned for Sophie’s post operative appointment a week after being discharged. Where her surgeon could not believe the improvement and a smiling happy girl again. Her old happy independent personality was returning.
Sophie was so determined to get better and began living her best happy life for the for the next 7 years!

There was not enough ways to thank or show our appreciation to my local vet Marcel for his quick referral and the amazing team a SASH for all the care, expertise and empathy to Sophie and myself through the unknown, but I got my special little friend and love 🥰 back.

Sophie really lived her best life for just shy of 14 years.

Thank you to the SASH team you are all amazing and very special human beings 🩷

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