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Alison : Ella

Published on December 7, 2023.

Story from Alison : Ella

Meet Ella, the adventurous Maltese who once had an unexpected encounter with the Easter bunny, resulting in a chocolate binge that led to a trip to an emergency trip to SASH Vets North Ryde. Although only a small amount to a human, she ingested a highly toxic amount and required treatment and an overnight stay.

The chocolate escapade not only gave Ella a sweet tooth but led us to discovering SASH vets in the first place, where we decided a couple of months later to get her lump on her stomach rechecked, this lump looked like a swollen blue vein. The CT scan revealed a mammary tumour, prompting immediate treatment and the removal of the tumor.

As Ella recovered from surgery, a follow-up recheck a couple of months later revealed a new abdominal tumour that had grown so quickly even the vets were surprised. The resilience of this little Maltese became evident as she faced these health setbacks with unwavering spirit.

Post-surgery, Ella developed pancreatitis which presenting with repetitive vomiting and lethargy, adding another layer to her medical journey.

Yet, she found solace in the extra pats from her favorite vets, Dr. Tristram Bennett and Dr. James Crowley, who provided not only medical care but also a comforting touch during her healing process by going above and beyond by making sure Ella received the best possible care and medications to help her recover.

Now, Ella is a familiar face at SASH, making regular visits to her oncologist Dr. Sarah Wetzel for repeat blood tests and CT scans to ensure she remains tumor-free.

Ella’s journey is a testament to then strength of our furry companions and the unwavering dedication of veterinary professionals. Despite the challenges, Ella continues to wag her tail, preferring to live her life without her cone of shame, reminding us of the importance of regular check-ups and the unconditional love our pets bring into our lives.

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