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Alicia : Inca

Published on December 14, 2023.

Story from Alicia : Inca

It was midnight, the night before we were leaving to holiday for Bali. The flight was at 6.20am and we heard Inca stumbling around the back door wanting to go out to the toilet. My husband Mike got up to let him out and he called out to me panicked – “INCA CAN’T USE HIS LEGS!”. I flew out of bed and Inca was stumbling, falling, his legs failing under him. We were in shock, didn’t know what to do but I just said “get him in the car – get him to SASH!” We were thinking the worst, could he be paralysed? Had he been bitten? Was he poisoned? Will he die?

Dr Sarah Nicholls and the SASH team were amazing, it took a couple of days of tests and scans but they figured out it was a slipped disc. Insert instant relief!
It’s been a few weeks now but our beautiful boy is on the mend. He just had his follow up appointment today, not 100%, still needs to rest and recovery.
But we are so grateful, thankful and happy that he’s alive and okay. Thanks to SASH.

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