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Alexis : Ned

Published on January 11, 2024.

Story from Alexis : Ned

Ned is a happy, full of energy, GSP visiting his grandparents in Bowral when he was rushed to a local vet (Bong Bong Vet) when his nanny realised something wasn’t right.

Travelling for work, I was called with the option of emergency surgery or a trip to Sydney for scans. Quite a whirlwind and in shock, I opted for surgery where they found a tumour on his spleen had ruptured and he was actively bleeding. A teary flight home and a rushed drive to Bowral, I got to see my boy the next day. We received biopsy results the next week with the unfortunate news that he has haemangiosarcoma but that an appointment had already been made for him at SASH North Ryde.

I had known of SASH but always hoped I wouldn’t have to go there. I was definitely the most anxious on our first visit to SASH but the nurses were lovely from the moment we arrived. Meeting Dr John from the Cancer Centre was both confronting and comforting. The time he spent explaining the diagnosis, our options and listening and answering all my questions. I knew that Ned was where he needed to be. Our plan was to trial chemotherapy to see how Ned handled the treatment. And what a superstar Ned has been. A week before Christmas, my little man decided a temperature and a hunger strike was necessary and Dr John was patient, calm and helped us navigate through a scary patch.

Ned has now completed all 5 rounds of chemo and while we watch and wait to see Ned navigate the rest of his time with us, I couldn’t imagine a better team to treat him. The love and care that Dr John and all the SASH team have shown Ned has been unconditional. Nothing is too much trouble – relocating his treatment to Alexandria as it was closer to home was offered rather than asked for.

Thank you for loving Ned as much as we do. While we don’t know how much time we have left, we know we are so lucky to be a part of the SASH family, caring for us all with love and dignity. Thank you SASH!

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