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Ainslee : Sherbet Portlock

Published on December 5, 2023.

Story from Ainslee : Sherbet Portlock

Sherbet our Miniture Schnauer at 14 weeks had life saving surgery with the team at SASH. Upon her first check up with our vet we discovered Sherbet had a serious heart murmur. It just so happened our other Schnauzer Griffin was in SASH having her Gall Bladder removed and when Dr Tristram Bennett called to tell me Griffin’s surgery had been a success I spoke to him about Sherbet. He managed to arrange us to see Dr Phil Brain the following day. Dr Phil was amazing and took such great care of Sherbet. He advised surgery for a PDA was required ASAP because if left untreated it could be fatal. Dr Tristram operated the next day and the surgery was a success. Sherbet 12 months on is full of life. She loves to wake us up with lots of kisses and meal time she her favourite time of day. She brings non stop joy to the house and coming home to her each day is the best! We love the team at SASH for the care they give us and our animals!

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