Our team of highly experienced specialist medicine vets and nurses bring together a wealth of experience and knowledge from their training around the world.

Small animal medicine covers many areas of internal medicine, including:

  1. • heart conditions
  2. • lung disease
  3. • cancer therapy (chemotherapy and radiotherapy)
  4. • hormonal problems
  5. • autoimmune disorders
  6. • thyroid glands (both overactive and underactive)
  7. • gastrointestinal disease
  8. • geriatric medicine

The Medicine service can perform specialist procedures such as endoscopy, bone marrow collection, blood transfusions and minimally invasive biopsy techniques.

We also operate equipment such as endoscopes, digital radiography (x-ray), conduct CT scans as well as high resolution ultrasound for imaging the abdomen and heart.

When using advanced imaging techniques such as CT and onsite MRI scans, we often work as a team with surgery, neurology, and colleagues in human medicine to give you the most accurate interpretation of these scans possible.

Eddie was referred to SASH with a horrible gastro bug when he was only 1 year old. He looked at death’s door – flat, lethargic, vomiting and severe diarrhoea. 24 hours later he was back to his bouncy self. The staff were really helpful and never too busy to update us on how he was going.

– Bradley

Meet the medicine team at SASH here.