Dogs, cats and exotic pets will sometimes need to be referred to our specialist 5-day dermatology service for consultations on skin diseases or illness. We attempt to perform necessary diagnostics on the same day as the initial consultation, including intradermal allergen testing and skin biopsies. Our dermatology services cover a range of issues, including:

  1. • Allergies
  2. • Otitis (external and/or middle ear infections)
  3. • Infections (bacterial, fungal, parasitic, viral)
  4. • Immune-mediated diseases (e.g. pemphigus, lupus, vasculitis)
  5. • Hairloss disorders (hormonal diseases, cosmetic follicular diseases)
  6. • Nail and footpad diseases
  7. • Acute or chronic, mild or extensive, and unusual or “non-specific” skin problems

SASH’s Dermatology Service is run by specialist vet dermatologist Dr Linda Vogelnest and is assisted by dermatology registrar Dr Philippa Ravens and our dermatology nurse.

Dr Vogelnest has worked in dermatology referral practice in Sydney for over 10 years and consults at SASH on Wednesdays and Fridays. She is also available for facilitating the allergy vaccine service, histopathology, and case discussion on Tuesdays.

Dr Ravens is available on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Dr Ravens has a Masters degree in small animal medicine, as well as membership by examination to the Australian College of Veterinary Scientists (ACVSc), and is on her way to completing specialist examinations in veterinary dermatology with ACVSc.

Vets, please complete the Dermatology Histopathology PDF form.